‘Loose Women’ Blasted for Treating Personal Trainer Like ‘Piece Of Meat’

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Loose Women Blasted for Treating Personal Trainer Like Piece Of Meat wheeler1ITV

ITV’s Loose Women has been blasted as sexist by a guest who was axed from the show.

Daniel Wheeler was supposed to appear to discuss his incredible body transformation and new life as a personal trainer, but was dropped from the show after refusing to appear topless, reports the Daily Mirror.

Producers allegedly wanted Daniel to perform a shirtless catwalk, rather than just discuss his amazing two-year eight-stone weight loss, prompting him to complain of sexism and being treated like a piece ‘of meat.’

Wheeler said:

When I declined, they carried on pushing and I agreed to lift my top and show my abs.

But I still wasn’t comfortable. So I called them back and told them.

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He added:

They asked if they could film me working out topless and I said no. Then they emailed and said I had been dropped.

I felt objectified as a man. It’s double standards – can you imagine if it was Top Gear and Katie Price was dropped for refusing to take her top off?

The worst thing is I spent £10,000 redoing my website.

I’m pretty sure if I was a woman, this stipulation would never be enforced or even asked. I feel let down as I have spent a lot of time and money preparing… to be sacked off and treated like a bit of meat.

A spokesperson for the show argued that ‘as a daily live show items often change.’

But Daniel definitely has a point. It takes a lot for someone to share their transformation online with followers who support them, but that is more often than not a selfie taken alone in the mirror.

Loose Women seemingly wanted to parade him in front of a live, baying audience – and he has every right to say no to that.

Nonetheless, Daniel -who now runs Life Changing Fitness– should be proud of how far he has come, and keeping his integrity in tact.


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