Marnie Simpson Is Embarrassed By Her Nakedness, Gets Naked Anyway

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In a shocking new twist, reality TV star Marnie Simpson has revealed she actually hates being naked. 

Unlike her usual revelations, which tend to be of a more physical nature, Marnie has spoken out about her performance on the most controversial and X-rated series of Celebrity Big Brother yet – which definitely wasn’t all to get better ratings or anything.

The Geordie Shore star gave millions of CBB viewers a little more than they bargained for when she and her co-star Lewis Bloor shared ‘the most romantic shower of my [Marnie’s] life‘ in full view of the Big Brother house cameras.

cbb lewisandmarniea Marnie Simpson Is Embarrassed By Her Nakedness, Gets Naked Anyway

However, as reported by the Daily Star, she recently claimed she regrets her behaviour, saying:

I’m embarrassed about my nakedness.

You genuinely forget you’re in a house with cameras. I walked around naked and thought, ‘I’m a bit naked, but I’m here on my own – no one is looking.’

But I wasn’t and people were looking – there’s the problem.

Call me a cynic, but for a woman who has arguably made a career out of being naked, this seems a little far-fetched.

Since her on-screen relationship flourished with Lewis Bloor – a fellow reality TV star who appears on The Only Way Is Essex, apparently – Marnie’s credibility has been called into question.

When asked if she would be watching her escapades back, she added that she didn’t plan on doing so.

However, in her defence, Marnie claimed she had no idea she would stay in the CBB house for so long and ‘didn’t even take more than a week’s worth of clothing’.

That’s one hell of a convenient oversight.


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