Michelle Keegan’s First Sex Scene Sends ‘Plebs’ Viewers Into Meltdown

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Michelle Keegans First Sex Scene Sends Plebs Viewers Into Meltdown keegan1PA

Michelle Keegan sent social media into meltdown last night after the latest episode of ITV’s Plebs aired.

The former Coronation Street star was playing the part of ‘Ursula’, a Vestal Virgin, but contrary to her title the actor appeared in her first ever televised sex scene, reports the Daily Mail.

Of course, her romp with ‘Stylax’ didn’t go to plan…

Joel Fry’s character inquisitively asks Keegan ‘are you sure you’re a virgin because you seem to know what you’re doing?’, before a cup of wine extinguishes a sacred flame, sending Roman citizens into a state of complete frenzy.

And Twitter followed suit:

There were a few who, try as they might, couldn’t contain their excitement…

Others were simply questioning why the 28-year-old opted for Plebs in the first place…

Hey, maybe this is just Keegan’s audition tape for bigger, better, less comedic sex scenes in the likes of Game of Thrones?