Secret Filming ‘Proves’ TOWIE Is A Fake Pile Of Sh*t

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Someone has found unequivocal proof that The Only Way Is Essex is faker than Joey Essex’s perma-tan and Ferne McCann’s teeth.

A fan of the TV show bumped into the cast on a night out in Marbella and now claims to have cracked the unbreakable code of reality TV – and, shock horror, it’s not all it seems.

The video, which she posted to Instagram, shows cast members in a silent nightclub pretending to dance with each other and faking fun.

Sarah Knowles took to Instagram, writing:

Cannot believe #towie isn’t real and all staged 😢

Although none of the cast members are actors, the drama is as wooden as Pinocchio’s nose and the fights are as convincing as Donald Trump’s statistics, TOWIE has apparently been fooling viewers into thinking plot lines are reflective of real life.

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As the new series is expected to return to ITVBe in the forthcoming few weeks, this video has apparently sparked existential crises across the nation, according to The Mirror.

If anyone’s shocked by the news that ‘constructed reality’ television is actually – wait for it – constructed, I can’t help you.

Read the small print, people.