The Simpsons Make History With First Live Episode

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It has been announced that for the first time in the history of The Simpsons the show will feature a live cast appearance.

The Daily Mail has reported that Homer, voiced by Dan Catellaneta, will be coming to us live at the end of an episode on May 15.


It will be the first time since the show started in 1989 that it will have taken on the challenge of live production.

No, the writers won’t be breaking their wrists to frantically scribble down the scene, it will apparently be created through the use of motion capture technology.

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According to Deadline Homer’s appearance will also allow for fan interaction as he will be reflecting on events of the day and answering viewer’s questions.


If there is something you are itching to have the man answer for you on the show then you can use the hashtag #HomerLive between May 1-4 for your chance to be involved.

The Mail has reported that the live segment has been produced to help aid the show’s ratings during May’s ‘sweeps’, a period where ratings measuring company Nielsen monitor around two million paper diaries from homes across America to review what viewers are tuning in to.

The results of ‘sweeps’ months can greatly impact scheduling and advertising in the future.


homer The Simpsons Make History With First Live Episode

This will be a huge moment in the show’s history!


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