This Jeremy Kyle Guest Looks Ridiculously Different Now

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Twitter went into absolute meltdown last year when Gemma, or ‘tooth woman’ as she got branded by trolls, appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Her protruding set of teeth got everyone talking on social media, in her part of the episode titled, ‘Stop harassing me just because I’m sleeping with your ex’.

Gemma faced a load of online abuse, which she claims led to her having a breakdown.


She explained:

After the show my teeth caused a social media meltdown. The abuse was terrible, I just wanted to cry. I actually had a breakdown.

But in one of the most dramatic TV makeovers ever The Jeremy Kyle Show spent £10,000 to sort her out some new teeth. To be fair, considering it was partly the shows fault she was abused in the first place, it was probably the very least they could do.

 This Jeremy Kyle Guest Looks Ridiculously Different NowTwitter

And because this is daytime TV, of course the whole thing was filmed.

Fans of the show (honestly didn’t know there were any) were quick to praise Gemma’s new look:


But one user mentioned the fact it was sad sign of the times that she had to change her look to be accepted.

Gemma will debut her new look this week.


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