Wanking Is Banned On I’m A Celeb, But ‘Rudeness’ Is Fine, Apparently

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Wanking Is Banned On Im A Celeb, But Rudeness Is Fine, Apparently UNILAD celeb343018I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here/ITV

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here will be returning to TV screens this coming Sunday, but ex-contestant Michael Buerk has revealed a list of behaviours you won’t be seeing.

The former journalist and broadcaster lifted the lid on what show producers deem as ‘inappropriate’ during an interview with the Radio Times.

He said that the rules were presented to contestants on a laminated sheet, presumably to protect it from rule breakers’ bodily fluids, by executive producer Becca Walker.

Wanking Is Banned On Im A Celeb, But Rudeness Is Fine, Apparently UNILAD Screen Shot 2015 11 10 at 14.08.1141255I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here/ITV

Buerk said:

Bullying, ‘non-consensual touching’, masturbation (she seemed particularly concerned about that), homophobic language or attitudes and ‘category A’ swear words (which include the f-word and c-word).

On the plus side the ex-BBC man did confirm that nudity and sexual activity is permitted within reason.

He said:

It was all rather odd because it was made clear that there was ‘no problem’ with nudity (‘in a non-sexual context’), sexual behaviour ‘that is reciprocated’, and rudeness.

So they can’t wank or bully each other on a show where the very premise is bullying famous people, and seeing certain other participants in their pants is one of the few pleasures available?

Okayyyyy. According to Buerk: “The one thing they were adamant about was harming the wildlife: ‘You could be prosecuted’.”

So trapping animals inside confined spaces with c-listers, or slapping them on a plate, is not considered harm then? Ridiculous.


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