Woman With ‘Second Biggest Boobs In Britain’ Baffles Jeremy Kyle Viewers

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Woman With Second Biggest Boobs In Britain Baffles Jeremy Kyle Viewers JezzaBoobs

Jeremy Kyle’s schedulers should all be fired after the show’s most recent instalment.

In a blatant ploy to show off her new assets, 50-year-old Sharon Perkins appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show to talk about her new and improved sex life – all thanks to her 34MM boob job which saw her go up ten bra sizes.

Her adoring, slack-jawed fiancé Carl said: “I love fake breasts – they’re brilliant aren’t they? Our sex life is great. It’s more exciting.”

Sharon now has the second biggest boobs in Britain – and a whole lot of back pain, not to mention the earache of listening to Carl jabber on about her ample chest.

Perkins’ implants weigh a ‘back-breaking 7lbs’ – the equivalent of two boxes of wine, or a small shark.

The two operations set new grandma Perkins back £10,000, so for her sake, I hope her impending Page 3 career manifests. If not she’ll be back on the show declaring bankruptcy any day now and the viewers won’t welcome her kindly…

What was the point in that? #jeremykyle

Even Jeremy was unimpressed, saying: “I’m frightened to approach you.”

Jeremy Kyle fans are easily-pleased folk but a happily loved-up couple just doesn’t cut the mustard for their 11am dose of real life TV drama.

Try harder next time, Jezza.