10 Hours Of Walking Through Paris As A Jew

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10 Hours Of Walking Through Paris As A Jew fear loathing paris

In a similar vein to the ’10 Hours of Walking through NYC’ video that went super-viral last year, this Jewish man decided to walk through Paris wearing a traditional kippah on his head.

As a result, the undercover journalist is spat at and verbally abused as he walks past people in the streets and down alleyways.

His name is Zvika Klein and he is a reporter for Nrg. His controversial walk takes him through the districts surrounding the Eiffel Tower before stomping the curb through areas that are ‘predominantly Muslim’.

It is an interesting first-hand insight into the anti-Semitism that is currently sweeping the streets of the country.

But what I know for sure is that videos like this one – that are racking up over 1 million views in a couple of days – are only making things worse.