10-Year-Old Lad Spends His Pocket Money Making Clothes For The Homeless

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10 Year Old Lad Spends His Pocket Money Making Clothes For The Homeless elliott sew WEBFacebook

A 10-year-old boy who was left homeless after his father returned from Iraq is now using his own pocket money to help other children in need.

Xavier Elliott, from Arizona, U.S, spends his free time at his mother’s sewing machine making clothes for the homeless.

The youngster and his mum lived in six different shelters after his dad returned from a tour of duty with PTSD and the family struggled to stay on their feet.

Now that the family have a roof over their heads again, the thoughtful Elliott is determined to help kids whose families are still struggling.


He now spends his pocket money buying fabric, buttons and zips so he can make clothes for the homeless, and took up sewing after he saw his Mum using the machine to make a purse.

Speaking to the Huffington Post, Xavier’s mother Stephanie said:

I think the idea came to him from everything we have endured and wanting to make a difference for other people.

The clothes he makes are sent to the Salvation Army and local homeless shelters Crisis Nursery and UMOM New Day Center.

What a little legend! You can visit Xavier’s Facebook page here and donate to help make his project even bigger.


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