17 Men Arrested Following Aston Villa Pitch Invasion

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17 Men Arrested Following Aston Villa Pitch Invasion sdfghjk

It was a big day for Aston Villa yesterday, they beat they’re local rivals West Bromich Albion 2-0 in the quarter final of the FA Cup, and are now going to Wembley. Also, they actually scored. No wonder the fans got excited.

Fans of the midlands claret and blue couldn’t contain their excitement when Scott Sinclair scored the teams second goal in the 85th minute, with some of them spilling on to the pitch. Then again just before the final whistle, a load more ran on to the pitch again.


17 people have been arrested following the disturbance.

Villa captain Fabian Delph said:

My armband got nicked, someone got my left boot, but I could appreciate the relief the fans are feeling after a result like that. It was dangerous. Someone tried to take my boot off. People tried to kiss me and were biting me. It was scary.

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I’ve got mixed feelings about this, personally. Obviously, running on the pitch while the game is in play isn’t cool. Making the game stop ain’t really on, and after the game bombarding players to the point that they are getting bitten… Just… Nope.


When you beat your bitter rivals in a cup competition, following a run as bad as Aston Villa’s, I can completely understand why they celebrated on the pitch. They haven’t been to Wembley in a while. I don’t condone interrupting a game or biting somebody. But I’m not strictly against the celebratory pitch invasion. I’m an Everton fan (I know, I know), we did it when Tony Hibbert actually scored a goal in his testimonial. It was ace.

More than anything though, it pissed Mark Lawrenson off. And after years and years of him winding me up, I am glad he is annoyed. I’m extra glad that I didn’t have to see his miserable face while he complained.

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