Women Share Secret Footage Of What Life Under ISIS Is Really Like

By : Alex Mays |


Two Syrian women have given us an insight into what everyday life is like inside the Islamic State.

The women – Om Omran and Om Mohammad – bravely took secret footage and risked their lives when capturing images of what it was like to live under the regime in Raqqa.

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The film has since been commissioned by Swedish TV channel Expressen TV .

The pair documented the extent to which Muslim women are oppressed under ISIS rule, where they are punished for just leaving their house alone or not covering their bodies.

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They capture footage of women and armed ISIS fighters on the streets of Raqqa, as well as members of ISIS’ religious police force.

The city seems deserted, due to the ongoing civil war and brutal rules the terror group have imposed. Even in shops, images of inadequately covered women on product packaging are scribbled out.

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Since the start of the occupation in August 2014 the situation has drastically changed. At the beginning, women were permitted to wear more progressive niqabs, and weren’t mandated to wear black gloves or cover their eyes.

But according to Om Mohammed, the situation has drastically changed. She said:

Every week, after Friday prayers, people were given orders about the new rules that applied. It ended up with women being forced to wear gloves and double niqabs, and having to say at home. Girls’ schools were shut down. Teaching was dominated by Sharia studies. The entire old schooling system disappeared and was replaced with ISIS schools.

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They also discussed a site where she attended a public execution of a young man.

Om Mohammad reveals:

I could see there was a man sitting on the ground. The executioners were lined up, they were dressed in black. They execute with bullets, desecrate the body, decapitate it, stick the head on a spike and put it on display at the roundabout. Or they will put the body on the road and force cars to run it over until nothing is left.


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