81-Year-Old Cancer Sufferer Has To Make Call To 911 After Starving

By : Rebecca Knight |


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When one 81-year-old man who returned home after a six month stay in hospital following a battle with cancer was forced to call 911 after realising he had no food to eat, he had to rely on the good will of the dispatchers on call.

Clarence Blackman, from North Carolina, returned home to an empty fridge and with no family in the area and failing health, he made the 911 call and responder Marilyn Hinson took down his entire shopping list and went to pick the shopping up for him, before dropping it off at his house.

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Blackman had a chat and even a couple of sandwiches with Hinson, and claimed:

It was like a little miracle ringing in my ear. I thought, ‘Jesus, you’ve answered all those prayers.

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Thankfully the dispatcher arrived with food for the 81 year old, although if we’re being honest, the fact that he had to resort to such measures in the first place is horrific enough, and for those concerned, a DSS worker has visited the OAP and taken steps to help his situation.


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