A Gang Of 50 Try And Destroy Walmart, Epically Fail

By : Rebecca KnightTwitterLogo


A Gang Of 50 Try And Destroy Walmart, Epically Fail walmart web

One Walmart store in Macon, Georgia, came under threat after it was targeted by a group of 50 gang members.

Said gang members planned on going into the store and destroying it, knocking things over and causing as much damage as they possibly could.

Their plan didn’t quite work out however, with a couple of thousand quid in damages about the extent of their 2am rampage in the 24 hour supermarket.

I’m not really sure how 50 gang members only managed to cause $2,000 worth of damage, and while that is obviously good news for Walmart, it is a pretty poor attempt by the gang, who quite frankly don’t do the label of ‘gangster’ very proud at all.

To add insult to injury for the group, leader Kharron Nathan Green even left his phone behind, leading to police being able to identify him and charge him with second degree damage to property – although he has of yet refused to give up any of his fellow vandals.