A Homeless Guy Is The Only Person To Help This Young Freezing Kid On The Street

By : Alex BentleyTwitterLogo



This is one of those touching ‘social experiment’ videos that pop up every now and then.

A boy poses in just jeans and a t-shirt without even any shoes on, using a bin bag as a blanket, on the freezing cold streets of New York. Nobody stops to speak to the lad or offer any sort of help for two hours, until one guy does. An actual homeless man.

He sits and talks to the lad, putting his coat around him, while people just walk past. I guess he knows the kids struggle (albeit pretend) and wants to help where he can. Top marks.

Can’t help but think that perhaps the team should have done something with the homeless guy, as he was sitting nearby, rather than stage something with a young kid. But I guess the point is that he is a young lad.

Either way, kudos to that homeless guy.