A New Craze Involves Dangling From Great Heights And WTF

By : Alex Watt |


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We’ve seen some downright idiotic Internet crazes in our time – from Neknominations, to water-filled condoms being dropped on heads, to daring people to do lines of cocaine (yes, really) – but this one might actually be the stupidest yet.

New footage has emerged showing high school students engaging in the new craze known as ‘The Hanging’ – in this one, you just causally dangle people over a ledge from a great height and they have to hold on for as long as they can.

You know, for the lols.

The images and video were taken in Colombia and show boys and girls taking part in the bizarre stunt to ostensibly demonstrate their bravery, only being hauled back over to safety when they become convinced they’re about to slip.


You’re probably asking yourself, couldn’t someone die doing this? And, yes. Yes they could. Teachers, parents and police have quickly spoken out against the craze for that very reason.

According to CEN, one concerned parent, Javier Linero said:

That’s dangerous. They’re taking a big risk. Someone should keep them under surveillance.

Yeah, pretty much.

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The Michael Jackson-esque balcony behaviour has been filmed on several occasions in the school in the city of Santa Marta.

Hopefully, this goes without saying – but please don’t try this at home!


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