Amateur MMA Fighter Makes Waves With Brutal Knockout

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reid1 Amateur MMA Fighter Makes Waves With Brutal KnockoutHelloJapan/Twitter

Amateur MMA fighter Sheldon Reid has catapulted his name into the limelight with a brutal front kick knockout.

As reported by Bleacher Report, Reid was fighting Julio Calcina at Shinobi War 7 in Liverpool, England.


After the fight was temporarily halted following a low blow from Calcina, Reid connected with a beautifully clinical front kick.

Check it out:

That is how it’s done – the celebrations were perhaps a bit much, but the ability is definitely there.

Reid is now 3-0, hunting a bantamweight title, and £1,000 richer after receiving a bonus for his victory.

You can watch the full fight below:


Does it beat Luis ‘Sapo’ Santos savage front kick knockout though?


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