Amazing Footage Of Norway Firing A Missile At War Ship

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Amazing Footage Of Norway Firing A Missile At War Ship missile web thumb

Norway said farewell to one of its battleships recently by blowing it up.

The KNM Trondheim was launched September 4, 1964. It is an Oslo class frigate, a Norwegian design for war frigates and one of five. The Norwegian navy used it as target practice for its new low-flying missile used against ships. The missile has a range of 150 kilometres.

But everything else aside it’s a pretty awesome way to go. The missile made one hell of an explosion and is replayed in slow motion.

The video’s description gives a bit more information about the details for any of you navy enthusiasts:

“KNM Trondheim blown up by the Norwegian defense in a missile test.
The pictures are from but edited by CS. In a military test range off Andøya in northern Norway fired a navy ship the 400-pound and four meters long Naval Strike Missile (NSM) against the frigate. KNM Trondheim was emptied of electronics, engine, fuel and chemicals before shooting, and the frigate is also phased out by the Norwegian Navy. The new low-flying missile for use against ships and has a range of 150 kilometres. The missile is produced by Norwegian Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace.”