Amber Rose Presents The Art Of ‘The Walk Of No Shame’ And It’s Hilarious

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Amber Rose Presents The Art Of The Walk Of No Shame And Its Hilarious UNILAD walk of no shame 12Funny or Die

Amber Rose has never been shy about expressing her sexuality and now she’s joined forces with the team over at ‘Funny or Die’ to make her stance clearer than ever.

In the new video, Rose shows the intricate art of giving absolutely no fucks while walking home after an evening of passion.

The hilarious parody video turns the well-worn cliché of the so-called ‘walk of shame’ after a one-night stand on its head, as the 31-year-old model strolls through the street while cheerfully admitting to her antics the previous evening.


On her stride of pride journey, Rose bumps into various supportive members of the town, who agree with her that ‘having sex is fun’. She even gets the key to the city from the mayor!

In fact, the only person in the video who seems unhappy is a cameoing Matthew McGorry (of Orange Is The New Black fame) who is left pretty disgruntled when Rose won’t agree to go out with him again.

The video is partly promoting the Amber Rose Slut Walk, an event hosted by The Amber Rose Foundation – an organisation which aims ‘to support her core mission of uplifting, empowering, and enhancing the platform of women across the globe’.

Basically, the lesson here is maybe we should stop shaming people (or more specifically, women) for one night stands and all just, y’know, get on with our lives.


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