Angry Husband Beats Naked Man In Street After ‘Catching Him Having Sex With Wife’

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Angry Husband Beats Naked Man In Street After Catching Him Having Sex With Wife china attack FBLive Leak

It’s safe to say that this guy absolutely lost his shit when he allegedly walked in on another man having sex with his wife.

Violent viral video footage shows the moment the enraged husband reportedly dragged the naked bloke outside into the street and beat the crap out of him.

In the clip, uploaded to Live Leak, a crowd of onlookers in China gather around the assault, watching on without intervening as the furious cuckold repeatedly kicks and punches the cowering man.


The whole thing is pretty fucking brutal, with the supposed adulterer desperately backpedaling from the attack, while holding onto his private parts and trying to protect his dangly bits from getting a kicking too.

He then appears to plead with his attacker, who responds by grabbing his hair and shouting in his face.

Looks like you definitely shouldn’t fuck with a married man in China!