Angry Mob Kick Down Guy’s Door And Attack Him For Having Loud Sex

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Angry Mob Kick Down Guys Door And Attack Him For Having Loud Sex 54648UNILAD imageoptim brawl2YouTube

CCTV footage has emerged of the moment hotel guests kicked down a man’s door and beat him up because he was having sex too loudly.

The attack took place in a hotel Beihai, in China’s Guanxi southern province after a group of businessmen checked into the hotel ahead of a meeting the following morning, reports the Daily Mail.

At some point during the night one of the men, named locally as Zhang, was woken up by the sound of a couple having ‘loud sex’ in the room next door.

According to Zhang he went to tell the couple to keep it down (the noise), but instead received a torrent of abuse back from another man who has been named as Lei Mou.

As their confrontation got louder, at least ten of Zhang’s colleagues made their way into the corridor where the footage shows them waiting outside the door.

Eventually Zhang kicked down the door and dragged out the male guest giving him a good kicking and stripping him to the waist in the process.

Angry Mob Kick Down Guys Door And Attack Him For Having Loud Sex 48162UNILAD imageoptim brawl4YouTube

The group were then caught on camera in the lobby where the attack continued at which point police were called and the fight was split up.

According to the Mail, Zhang eventually agreed he had over-reacted (you don’t say) agreeing to pay 15,000 yuan to Lei to settle the dispute.

It’s unclear whether the couple resumed their lovemaking, but you would imagine the moment had passed.