Apparently, Apple Watches Don’t Work If You Have A Wrist Tattoo

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Apparently, Apple Watches Dont Work If You Have A Wrist Tattoo Screen Shot 2015 04 29 at 12.59.30

According to this Youtube video, tattoos cause major problems with Apple watch sensors. So if you’re thinking about getting one, but have wrist tattoos, you should probably thoroughly test it first.

Apparently, if the watch cannot see the skin of the wearer, it will lock because it won’t register itself as being around a wrist.

The device uses sensors and LED lights to determine how much light is being absorbed on the wrist, but according to some people, their tattoos are absorbing this light meaning that their watch cannot get a good reading.

The issue was first brought up by Apple Watch owners on Reddit and Twitter, then Apple blog iMore confirmed that the problem exists.

Have you experienced this? We want to know.