Apparently This Is Now A Sport, Because Brazil

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Apparently This Is Now A Sport, Because Brazil slip and slide 1Youtube

We give you Brazilian Slip-N-Slide soccer – a sport where half-naked women hardly play football and mostly just crawl around on a wet bouncy castle.

The ‘sport’ seems to resemble 5-a-side football and is played on an inflatable pitch. The rules are liberal (as is the referee) – the ball is always in play and goalkeepers are optional.

As soon as the game begins, all hell breaks loose, and within 3 seconds half of the players have fallen. In terms of adhering to any set of rules whatsoever, it just gets worse from there.

The referee stops the game and orders a restart, but within seconds a player in pink launches a two-footed tackle at an opposing player.

The play continues as the scantily-clad women slide across the pitch – hardly playing what most of us would call football.

Evidently, Slip N’ Slide soccer has been going on for some time now in Brazil and France. Basically, the players are pretty much just babes with big derrieres and no skill set whatsoever, and the game is them bouncing around an inflatable field covered in soapy water. We realise that alone probably makes it appealing to many.

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While you would think the sport would get at least a pinch of criticism, it seems as though Slip-N-Slide soccer has actually gained more praise than disapproval.

Let’s be honest, I don’t think anyone is actually watching the ball.

They give the U.S.’s Legends of (American) Football lingerie league and the (now banned) UK’s Lingerie Football League a run for their money.


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