Arizona Police Officer Enters House Illegally, Arrests Naked Woman

By : Rebecca Knight |



One police officer has been found guilty of unlawfully arresting a naked woman in Arizona.

The officer, Doug Rose, entered her house unlawfully and proceeded to handcuff her while she was naked, after getting out of the shower.

The alarming scene was captured on camera, with the officer of 20 years seemingly abusing his power.


Her lawyer claimed:

This was not the proper treatment of a citizen. This was disgusting. This was barbaric.

Any one of us would be upset if a police officer barged into our homes without permission. She had a right to be upset.

The woman, who lives with her daughter, said she felt ‘violated’ and ‘molested’.

Esmerelda Rossi was never charged with a crime, and after a second officer reported the disturbing incident, Chandler police found that Rossi had done nothing wrong, while the officer had entered her house unlawfully.

Rose has retired following the investigation.


Daily Mail