Art ‘Experts’ Value A Painting, It Cost £7, They Guess 2.5 million Euros

By : Rebecca Knight |


art 640x357

So, you know how just about everyone thinks they’re an expert on just about everything these days, well one group of actual real life art ‘experts’ were taken to see a painting they were told was pretty expensive and pretty coveted – and asked for their opinions and price valuation – but there was one small twist.

Said painting was actually from IKEA (or, as they were told, done by Swedish artist IKE Andrews) and cost roughly seven pounds to make – guestimates however ranged from 1000 euros through to a whopping 2.5 million euros. The reactions were absolutely hilarious and it’s safe to say there will be a few red faces when the big reveal comes around.

IKE is famous y’all know – well according to this man at least…

ike 640x426

The only thing shocking is this ‘expert’ and their knowledge…

art 2 640x426

The symbolism of idiocy apparently…

art 3 640x420

The depiction, oh, the sheer depiction of the chaos renders this one man speechless…

art 4 640x417

Unbelievable Jeff…

art 5 640x420

And the absolute best of the bunch, this idiot who would pay MILLIONS – yep, you read that right, millions – for the painting.

art 6 640x423

Take the money and run IKE, fast!

The pictures really don’t do the hilarity of the situation justice, so we would recommend watching this video to get the full w*nker effect from these art ‘experts’.