As His New Film ‘Get Hard’ Is Released, Here Are The Best Bits Of Will Ferrell

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As His New Film Get Hard Is Released, Here Are The Best Bits Of Will Ferrell will ferrell

Will Ferrell is something of a Hollywood legend. Not only is he no stranger to a skit on Saturday Night Live, but he has starred in everything from cult classic Anchorman to Christmas feel good film Elf, and never fails to get a laugh.

The 47 year old acting veteran does comedy better than most and as a leading member of the Hollywood frat pack, has clocked up more than two decades worth of hit films and shows – with SNL being his first real shot at the big time.

Box Office smashes like Talladega Nights, Blades of Glory, Elf, Step Brothers and the incomparable Anchorman films have written his name into comedy history – and Ferrell is now almost guaranteed to be a box office hit, with his new film, Get Hard, out now.

Here are his best bits –

Anchorman may be his funniest hit and just because we think it is so much of a classic, we’ve found the BEST quotes from the film, just for you to enjoy.

And in case that’s not enough, we have also found you a trailer for his new film, Get Hard.