Villa Fan Prank Calls Christian Benteke’s Agent, Tricks Him Into Revealing Striker Wants Away

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Villa Fan Prank Calls Christian Bentekes Agent, Tricks Him Into Revealing Striker Wants Away benteke agent WEB

An Aston Villa fan posing as Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers fooled Christian Benteke’s agent into revealing the Belgian’s contract details during a hilarious prank call.

24-year-old Ty Bracey from Birmingham, rang the Belgian striker’s representative Eris Kismet to see if he’d be staying at the club, and the agent let slip that Benteke wants to leave Villa this summer.

Liverpool and Tottenham are both reportedly keen to sign the 24-year-old, and Benteke’s agent Kismet mentioned on this joke call that the player wants to leave for a new club and is unlikely to sign a new contract.

In the video, Kismet said:

There is one thing for sure, he will not sign a new contract. I am waiting on a phone call from Tom Fox, I have to meet him. One thing for sure is that Christian will do whatever is possible legally, by insisting if he has to, to leave Aston Villa.

That is not because he is not happy at all, it’s because just he wants to play for a higher team. Whatever happens he will not sign a new contract, but I can only talk about a new contract when it is proposed. As for now, there is nothing.

Ty told the Birmingham Mail that it was only after the call that Kismet realised the phone number wasn’t the same one he had for the Liverpool boss. Smooth.

What’s even more worrying is that this guy’s dodgy Irish accent sounds almost nothing like Brendan Rodgers, yet Benteke’s agent buys the lie hook, line and sinker. Football folk aren’t the brightest, are they?

What with this and all the nonsense surrounding Raheem Sterling right now, can we just get agents out of football completely, please?