Bear Confronts Swedish Man Who Quickly Scares It Away Like A Boss

By : Alex Watt |


bear WEBLennart Hessel / Youtube

When confronted by a giant bear, most sane people would run away or call for help.

Ralph Persson, however, opted instead to stand his ground and managed to actually scare the gigantic animal away all by himself.

It turns out the trick is to spread your arms and produce the kind of roar you might make if you got your tender parts stuck in your zipper.

Persson was out training his new hunting dog in Jamtland when the brown bear showed up out of the woods.

Speaking to Hela Halsingland, he explained that he took his inspiration for the bear scaring technique from birds:

I have seen in the past how even cranes have chased bears by folding up their wings.

So, basically, it’s not just this guy who’s braver than us, but small birds too. Nice…