Beyonce Loses To ‘Beck’ At Grammys, Kanye Storms Stage Again

By : Sam RidgwayTwitterLogo


Beyonce Loses To Beck At Grammys, Kanye Storms Stage Again 115

Last night was the 2015 Grammy Awards, and a pretty star studded lineup attended including all the usual A listers – except Drake, he was at a battle rap event in Toronto because he does what he wants and I rate that.

Anyway, Beyonce has had a pretty strong year. I couldn’t actually reel off what she’s done specifically, but I do know she’s had a strong year, because, well, I’ve heard her voice a f*cking lot of times.

So apparently it was a surprise when she lost out to ‘Beck’ in the Album Of The Year category. I’m assuming they’re not as popular as Beyonce and haven’t done as much, because social media lost its shit, and Kanye did a Kanye. Almost.

The outspoken rapper stormed the stage when Beck won in a scene that replicated his 2009 VMA rant after Taylor Swift beat Beyonce in the Best Music Video category. And while he didn’t actually say anything this time, and quickly turned around with a smile on his face, you just know he wanted to say something.

The best thing about it all, though? Jay Z’s face before and after realising what was going on. He absolutely sh*t himself.