Birmingham Car Jacker Drags Woman Across Busy Road

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Birmingham Car Jacker Drags Woman Across Busy Road 18

A scumbag car thief dragged a mother from Birmingham 30 feet across a busy road as he attempted to steal her car.

Nikki Law-Priddey, 30, was de-icing her Mini in the cold weather when an unknown man took his moment, ran at her vehicle and managed to get in the drivers seat.

However, the brave mum acted fast and tried to drag him out, but in the chaos, ended up clinging on for dear life as she was dragged her across the busy road in Bartley Green.

Not even a minute later, as she’s lying in the middle of the road, he speeds past her again as passers by come to her aid.

She broke her hand and was left with bruising to her leg and back during the incident that has understandably left her traumatised.

She told a local news source:

These past 24 hours have been the worst time of my life, to say I am in total shock and disbelief to what has happened to me on my own doorstep in broad day light is a understatement.

Her car was recovered and is currently in forensics. West Midlands Police are still looking for the thief.