Bisexual Women Reveal Differences Between Men And Women In Bed

By : Alex Watt |


bisexual 2YouTube/Arielle Scarcella

If you’ve ever wondered how men and women differ between the sheets, a fascinating new video gives quite the insight, courtesy of three bisexual women.

The new informative video comes courtesy of YouTube vlogger Arielle Scarcella, who has a heck of a lot of videos on her channel about what lesbians and bisexuals do in the sack.

And, besides the obvious physical differences between the sexes, there’s also a bit of a change in the romantic and sexual experience from guys to gals.

The all-important question of who’s sexier in bed gets dealt with pretty quickly – as one of the interviewees, Rachel Anne, puts it succinctly: “Women. Hands down. Is that even a question?”

Fair enough.

Mia Li believes that’s because women are more expressive sexually, perhaps in part thanks to online pornography and how people are now more accepting of open female sexuality.

bisexual 1YouTube/Arielle Scarcella

And when the three women describe the noises that men make in the sack, it’s not hard to see why they might find women just a bit sexier, to be honest.

As the third woman, Chris, puts it when confronted with a grunting male: “I’m like what the fuck is happening right now?”

It sounds like we really need to up our game in the bedroom, guys!