Bitcoin Is Out As Pornhub Introduces New ‘Titcoins’ Currency

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Bitcoin Is Out As Pornhub Introduces New Titcoins Currency Screen Shot 2014 10 28 at 16.24.24 1

Pornhub are taking online currency to new levels with the introduction of Titcoins.

According to them, Titcoins are the world’s most beloved and safest currency. And we couldn’t agree more.

“A whole new market, perfect for offline and online businesses such as nightclubs, college bars, jukeboxes, vending machines, online stores.”

The campaign will include a pilot program in Las Vegas, New Orlean’s Mardi Gras, spring break parties and music festivals.

“Because banks can take our money, our businesses or even our homes. But they will never take our love for titties.”

We can get on board with that.