Bizarre ‘Gay Or Straight’ Christmas Advert Has Internet Massively Confused

By : Kieron CurtisTwitterLogo

Bizarre Gay Or Straight Christmas Advert Has Internet Massively Confused Screen Shot 2015 12 13 at 15.46.59Robert Dyas/YouTube

The battle for the best Christmas ad of 2015 has raged on for weeks already, but there is a bizarre new candidate entering the mix.

Multi-purpose store Robert Dyas has produced a commercial that is creating waves online, largely because nobody seems to actually understand it.

In the 60 second clip employees and customers alike point out products of interest, while simultaneously announcing their sexuality to the world.

You need to see it to believe it.

“Look at this Christmas tree. It is perfect for a gay person, or a straight person.” Surely a Christmas tree is just perfect for anyone who wants to celebrate Christmas with a tree?

Needless to say the internet is just as bemused.

But some people have noticed an uncanny similarity between Robert Dyas effort and an equally confusing furniture advert that has race relations in its sight.

The soundtrack is the cherry on the top of the cake for Red House Furniture. Maybe that is something Robert Dyas’ marketing team can work on for 2016.

Whatever the reason, people are definitely talking about Robert Dyas so I guess that is mission accomplished.