Ridiculous Slap Off Competition Features Brutal KO And Controversy

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Ridiculous Slap Off Competition Features Brutal KO And Controversy slaps 1YouTube/WILLY BEAMAN

As if we weren’t already concerned about the future of humanity, what with Donald Trump having an actual shout of becoming U.S. President, it turns out that grown men slapping each other across the face in the name of competition is a thing now.

New footage has emerged from the ‘Ink Masters Slap Off Contest’, showing the final bout between two absolute nutters who are content to stand across a table from one another and take it in turns to swing their open hands at each other’s face.

Before the final match though, check out the eventual winner slapping the absolute shit out of one misguided participant.

Let’s just say the tattooed, hat wearing chap makes quite the solid connection on his first opponent, sending him collapsing to the floor like he’d just been hit by a Conor McGregor left hook, as the victor’s team jumps around and celebrates like he’d just won the WBO championship.

The brutal championship match which follows, however, is not without controversy. Besides the fact that the dude who looks like a cross between UFC stars Anthony Pettis and Robbie Lawler is wearing a beanie hat (that’s sure to soften the blows, right?), he also keeps throwing in some very questionable head movement during the bout.

Honestly, what happened to respect and honour in the prestigious game of slapsies?


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