Bizarre Video Shows Man ‘Having Sex With Road’ For Some Reason

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Bizarre Video Shows Man Having Sex With Road For Some Reason road humpReddit/YouTube

Well, that’s enough Internet for today.

We honestly thought we’d seen it all on YouTube at this point but this new video has well and truly upped the weird stakes.

The new short clip shows a man being caught apparently having sex with the road. You know, as you do.

Now, the Internet is a strange place and we’ve heard of some really bizarre fetishes in our time, but a love for tarmac so strong you repeatedly hump it in broad daylight is a new one.

According to Reddit, this particular weird shagging session took place outside an office block in New Zealand, as stunned employees watched on and filmed the bizarre scene unfolding in front of them, the Mirror reports.

Speaking into the camera, the man who is filming says:

This is what we’ve come to work to this morning, this little ground sex session going on just outside the window. His friend there is checking him out. He’s just having a good go at the ground. Look at that. Awesome.

And, yes, the guy’s mate is genuinely crouching down next to the apparent asphalt lover, and appears to be encouraging his escapades.

Bizarre Video Shows Man Having Sex With Road For Some Reason shocked

As to how the bloke in question is pulling this off, we’re not exactly sure. Fucking the floor would be extremely painful, even if he’d found a convenient pothole and slapped some lubrication on it beforehand. Plus, gravel would get everywhere.

Some have postulated that the lustful lad may have actually been bumping away on a sex toy, such as a fleshlight, instead.

That’s still a fucking odd thing to do in the middle of the road during the day though. Just do it in the privacy of your own home, mate…