Black Friday Is Here, And You All Look Like Morons

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Black Friday Is Here, And You All Look Like Morons ad 153103252

It’s Friday 28th November, a day that most people consider as ‘the start of Christmas shopping’. But in the STATES, they call it Black Friday.

For many years, the day following Thanksgiving in America is known as Black Friday, a day where chaos ensues all over the country. Why? Because most items in most shops are about 1 dollar cheaper than the day before.

Fast forward to 2014, and obviously, the UK has decided to adopt this tradition. Why? I don’t know. There seems to be a sale on everywhere nowadays, in most shops. Couches are pretty much free for the first decade and every high street clothing shop has a maze of rails full of price cut shite.

Black Friday Is Here, And You All Look Like Morons ad 153103700

So do we really need Black Friday? No. Definitely not. Because 10% off a television worth half a mortgage is not a good saving. I’m probably exaggerating, but you know what I’m getting at.

It’s not just the discounts that are bogus though. Fair enough, a saving is a saving, but for what people are ACTUALLY saving, the ensuing drama is definitely not worth it. And nobody does drama like British people. Oh, no. We are definitely the best at it. And this year us Brits have put on a show…

Don’t worry, we’re starting you off light.

This is a scene that pretty much every supermarket in the country had to deal with. Baaaaaaaaaah. (That’s a Sheep noise).

Girls fighting over lingerie is something I usually want to see. Not this time.

Happy days right? Nah.

Brilliant. Can’t wait for next year!