Blacksmiths Create Replica Of Aragorn’s Sword From Lord Of The Rings

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Blacksmiths Create Replica Of Aragorns Sword From Lord Of The Rings anduril WEB

A team of blacksmiths have reforged the iconic sword Andúril from the Lord of The Rings trilogy using traditional methods.

In the books and the films, the fictional sword was reforged for Aragorn from the shards of the blade Narsil which was broken during an early battle with Sauron, when the one ring was cut from the villain’s hand.

In the latest episode of ‘Men At Arms: Reforged’ on Youtube, the craftsmen recreated the process from the fantasy series by building a replica of the sword, breaking the blade and then reforging it like the Elves did in ‘The Return of the King’.

Tolkien nuts will obviously love this, but it’s also interesting to see how much hard work goes into creating a complicated weapon of this kind.


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