Blindfolded Man Completes Tightrope Walk Between Two Chicago Skyscrapers



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Jean-Marc Giboux / AP Images for Discovery Communications.

Daredevil tightrope walker Nik Wallenda has completed a blindfolded tightrope walk between two Chicago skyscrapers and absolute no safety equipment.

The brave 35-year-old year old refused to use wires and nets, accepting that if the worst happened, he would without a doubt meet certain death death.

This is why TV bosses decided to add a 10 second delay to the live footage in case he did in fact slip. He didn’t.

nik wallenda skyscrapers1

Jean-Marc Giboux / AP Images for Discovery Communications.

The walk across the 454ft gap from almost 600ft in the air took him almost seven minutes.

Nik said: “That cable looked like it was going straight up. I feel incredible!”

Nik’s previous tightrope walks were both aired on television drawing over 10 million viewers. The first in 2012 over Niagra Falls and another last year over Little Colorado River Gorge.