Brazilian Model Gropes 100 D*cks To Make A Point About Sexual Harassment

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Brazilian Model Gropes 100 D*cks To Make A Point About Sexual Harassment StepFelizfaeWEBInstagram

Sometimes the most powerful statements divide opinion.

That can certainly be said for Brazilian model Step Feliz’s new video stunt, in which she hits the streets to grope 100 men’s dicks to make a point about sexual harassment.

As you’ll see in the video, En Tocar 100 Penes – which if you can’t translate yourself, I can’t help you – Step nails the challenge.

The men’s reactions speak for themselves. Most are shocked, offended, embarrassed and angry. Perhaps the point of violating all of those innocent bystanders was to show the men – the majority of whom, it must be said, probably won’t have groped a woman in their life – how women react to the same type of harassment.

While the video might offend many people on a superficial level, it was made in response to the controversial 2015 ‘social experiment’ in which YouTube star Niti2Show boasted that he could feel up 100 women’s boobs.

The channel allegedly offers ‘pranks, parody, comedy and more’.

Both of these videos were perhaps made with good intentions – although neither Step nor Niti2Show appear to be an outspoken advocate of gender equality.

While the videos are just sexed-up ‘social experiments’ they will spark an interesting debate between those who believe gender equality is yet to be achieved and those who think women benefit from double standards when it comes to everyday sexism.

Whatever your view, no amount of groping on YouTube will solve the complex and nuanced epidemic of sexual harassment.