British MC Breaks Eminem’s Record For Most Words In Song

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British MC Breaks Eminems Record For Most Words In Song TN150

Eminem held the record for the most words said on a track with Rap God… But that record has just been smashed!

Legendary British Drum and Bass MC Harry Shotta has always been ridiculously good, and very, very fast. But he has outdone both himself and Eminem with his latest release, Animal.

Eminem’s record was 1560 words on the incredible track Rap God, but Harry Shotta spits 1771 words on his, making him the new record holder.

Harry spoke to UKF, saying:

No disrespect to Eminem at all!

This is purely about pushing our art and having some fun.

A lot of our fans have been tweeting him, we’ve had Radio 1 play and loads of support on Radio 1Xtra… It’s gone mental this week so I’m sure someone in his camp will know. I hope he likes the track and appreciates what we’ve done. It’s all about the art of MCing and pushing it to the next level.

The track is the same length as Rap God, and the same BPM… And sounds very similar. This is intentional, because DJ Phantasy dropped a Harry Shotta x Eminem mashup at iconic DnB festival Westfest, and it went down a storm.

Having been a big fan of Harry Shotta for a long time, and him being super humble and cool with me the couple of times I’ve pestered him at a festival or a rave, I am properly made up for him and the success of this track.


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