Brutal Moment Man Is Thrown 40ft In Air By Hit-And-Run Driver

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A man was tossed 40ft into the air like a ‘rag doll’ in a brutal hit-and-run that left him for dead.

In horrifying CCTV footage, a 53-year-old man is thrown off his feet by a speeding hit-and-run driver as he crossed the road in the Kemptown area of Brighton.

The video shows the speeding vehicle careen around a corner, crashing into the man and flipping him off his feet into the air before he bounces off the car roof and tumbles down onto the tarmac.

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Shockingly, the driver of the white Fiat 500 then fled the scene, leaving the pedestrian lying injured in the middle of the road.

Police have now released the CCTV – which shows the incident from three different angles – in a bid to speak to people who were in the area at the time.

The incident, which took place at around 3:40pm on Thursday January 14, left the man with serious head injuries although, thankfully, he is now recovering.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said:

He looks like a rag doll. I’ve never seen anything like that before but he’s recovering well.

He had a head injury but as far as I know he’s doing really well. He’s out of hospital. It happened not even two weeks ago.

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Sergeant Dan Pitcher, from Sussex Police, added:

We are very keen to trace the drivers of the taxi, the silver van, the dark Ford Focus and the black parked car.

The man was seen being thrown over the car as the driver continued to speed along the street.

We think you could give us vital information we need to identify the driver.

If you recognise yourself or any of the vehicles, Sussex police are asking you to get in touch on [email protected] or by calling ‘101’ and quoting ‘Operation Northdown’.


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