Brutal Snapchat Footage Shows Girl Beaten By Other Girls For No Reason

By : Joseph Loftus |


This is the horrifying moment a teenage schoolgirl from Yorkshire was filmed being brutally attacked by two other girls.

Apparently the attack was entirely unprovoked leading the mum of the victim to condemn it as ‘mindless violence’ after she seen a Snapchat video of the incident.

According to The Sun, the shocking video, which was captioned ‘Yowww’, shows a fifteen-year-old girl lying on the floor unable to protect herself as two others launch a tirade of punches and kicks at the young girl.


The girl also had her hair pulled and was left with injuries which left her somewhat unrecognisable due to ‘dangerous swelling’.

The mother of the victim said:

I cannot understand the mindless violence that goes on in the world.

My daughter does not know these girls but she has seen them around before. She said they were there just to cause trouble.

I felt sick after watching the video. I have only managed to watch it once. I just saw them continuing to beat her in the head.

I had to go pick her up as she was upset and shaken. Her face was swollen and we were beside ourselves.


However the mother of one of the attackers has also spoken, saying:

I am not condoning what happened but the two girls have been blamed and it’s just not true.

My daughter was thrown against the wall and then landed on the floor before the video starts.

It is just girls being girls.

Only it’s not just girls being girls is it…


The incident took place near a McDonalds in the town of Guiseley last Monday and is still being investigated by police.


The Sun