Brutal Video Shows Half-Naked Woman Scrapping Outside Kebab Shop

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Brutal Video Shows Half Naked Woman Scrapping Outside Kebab Shop brawl1YouTube

A crazy video has emerged which shows two women – one half-naked – brawling viciously outside a kebab shop.

According to the Mirror, the brutal bust-up took place in Aberdeen city centre.

The video shows a brunette woman in a white strapless dress repeatedly punching and kicking a blonde woman while the pair roll around on the pavement.

The blonde woman, wearing a white top and colourful trousers, grabs her opponent’s dress and tugs it down – exposing her bra.

Onlookers try to separate the women as they grapple in the gutter before the blonde woman manages to escape.

But in a final act of unhinged fury and, unwilling to let her foe escape, the brunette woman refuses to give up and launches herself again at her opponent, revealing her bare arse in the process.

She yanks on the woman’s hair and the pair fall to the ground for the epic battle to resume before the video cuts out.

Brutal Video Shows Half Naked Woman Scrapping Outside Kebab Shop brawl7YouTube

A woman, claiming to be the brunette, later posted on Facebook, writing:

Wow yes the video is going round on Facebook you don’t need to tag me I’ve seen it. I shouldn’t have went commando.

I don’t care anyway so fuck off this video also wasn’t last night but a week before new years [sic].

Police Scotland told the Mirror officers were called to an incident on December 27 and that two men and two women, all aged 19, have been charged in connection with the incident.