Brutal Video Shows Woman Beat ‘Husband’s Mistress’ And Throw Her Off Bridge

By : Alex Mays |


This shocking clip captures the moment a pissed off wife brutally take revenge on her husband’s mistress by throwing her from a bridge.

The distressing footage – which was originally posted to video sharing site Liveleak – was apparently captured in Brazil and shows the shocking attack already well under way.

Screen Shot 2016 01 18 at 10.23.39LiveLeak

The wife grabs the apparent love rival by her hair and lands several blows. It seems the smaller woman has literally no chance to escape as she screams and tries with all her might to hold on to a gate.

Shockingly, the woman is then dragged by her hair along the road and appears to be getting dragged closer to the bridge.

Screen Shot 2016 01 18 at 10.24.19LiveLeak

It doesn’t seem one fuck was given for the woman’s safety, as another person intervenes to help her friend toss the apparent mistress over the bridge.

The pair manage to chuck her off the bridge and you can hear them celebrate as the woman struggles to get back up after landing in the water. It remains unclear if the woman was injured in the attack.

Mistress Beaten Up and Thrown off Bridge by Enraged Wife 1LiveLeak

This is a terrifying warning to any cheaters out there…


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