Bull Runner Caught With Pants Down When Animal Rips Off His Trousers And Underwear

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A bull runner was left humiliated when a raging bull literally caught him with his pants down, ripping off his trousers and underwear in an arena in Spain.

Still, it could have been much worse for this guy – the angry animal actually snagged the runner on his horns and carried him around for several metres.


The video footage, filmed in Zaragoza, shows the audience screaming as the bull parades this guy around the ring.

The bull then dumps him on the ground and drags him around, ripping his clothes off in the process, as nearby bullfighters desperately try to distract the creature and draw him away from the downed man.



Eventually the bull leaves him be, and this guy is left to run towards the fence while he’s stark bollock naked as people in the crowd laugh at his plight.

According to the poster of the video on YouTube, ‘Planetatoro Toro’, the incident happened on Monday.


Considering the story of the bullfighter who ripped his scrotum in a similar encounter with a bull recently, this guy should probably be thankful he was only left red faced after this one!

Then again, maybe don’t wind up a bull and then expect to make it out of there unharmed? Just a thought…


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