Check Out The Division’s Four Live-Action Videos Right Here

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Check Out The Divisions Four Live Action Videos Right Here 1 1452966136Ubisoft

As a precursor to The Division, Ubisoft have released four short movies that detail just what happened to New York before the game.

With an actual real release date now bearing down on us, Ubisoft teamed up with YouTube channels RocketJump, devinsupertramp, and CorridorDigital to make the four videos, ominously titled; Escape, Pursuit, Conspiracies, and Ashes.

Check Out The Divisions Four Live Action Videos Right Here tom clancy division hed 2016Ubisoft

The four stories run to about 30 minutes in total and are pretty fucking intense. Soldiers get shot, prisoners get shot, innocent people get shot. It’s raining bullets out there and nobody has an umbrella.

Without giving anything away, the story chronicles who The Division are, and how New York descended into chaos in the wake of a deadly virus outbreak.

The Division‘s closed beta will start on January 28 and runs to January 31 for Xbox One, while Playstation 4 and PC users will get access a day later on January 29. Check out our preview coverage before the game fully releases on March 8.