Check Out This Pitbull-Sausage Dog Looking For A New Home

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Check Out This Pitbull Sausage Dog Looking For A New Home pitbull dachshund mix breed dog rami 2 THUMB e1422993573222

I’ve said it before, I love dogs. They’re ace. And this Sausage Dog crossed with a Pitbull is no exception.

This is Rami. A cross between a Sausage Dog and a Pitbull. Amazing. The lively little one-year-old has popped up on social media recently, and has been accused of being Photoshopped.

But he is definitely real, and is up for adoption.

Seriously, if he was in this country, I would fully take him on. He’s two of my favourite breeds combined! It angers me that Pit’s are illegal over here, but that’s another story for another day.