Chloe Khan Leaked Her Own ‘Sex Tape’ In Desperate Ploy For Attention

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Chloe Khan Leaked Her Own Sex Tape In Desperate Ploy For Attention ChloeKhanInstagram

Former Celebrity Big Brother housemate and professional attention-seeker Chloe Khan has basically leaked her own sex tape on Snapchat.

Khan filmed herself and boyfriend Ashley Cain – a distinctly average footballer, apparently – fooling around under the covers and topless. This latest ploy for press isn’t the most subtle tactic to gain media attention, but it is probably the most X-rated.

Bawdy content isn’t unusual for Khan. This is a woman who would no doubt happily sell a pound of flesh for thirty seconds of publicity and should come with an ‘explicit’ sticker on her forehead.

This is not the first time we’ve seen Khan in preconceived pornographic predicaments.

The memories of her reality TV sex debut with Stephen Bear, the winner of CBB, have scarred the more prudish among us for life.

Before she sold her soul to TV producers, Khan supposedly earned a living through an online webcam business, so the world of amateur filmography is not unfamiliar.

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However, after these latest scenes, I’m left wondering where prolific over-sharer Khan will draw the line between her public and private life.

Bring back the boundaries. Please.