Claw Machines Really Are Rigged So You Can’t Win Anything

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Claw Machines Really Are Rigged So You Cant Win Anything claw4Shutterstock

Breaking news guys and girls. Apparently claw machines – or grabber machines depending on what you call them – are rigged so that you will not win. Shocking news.

Apparently, the machine will only allow you to win (and by that we mean it decides to grab something and hold onto it) when it is profitable, and given that translates into about one in every 22 goes, that means it will cost you a fair bit to actually win that teddy bear.

Claw Machines Really Are Rigged So You Cant Win Anything claw gif

Vox’s Phil Edwards has explained why they don’t work most of the time, and has let slip (because we didn’t already know) that it depends entirely on luck and not skill as to if you will land a toy.

This even comes from a claw machine instruction manual:

Managing profit is made easy, simply input the coin value, the average value of the merchandise, and the profit level. The machine will automatically calculate when to send full strength to the claw, games sent full strength will be randomly selected from a group making it difficult for players to “predict”.

Well that’s just ruined it right there.