Clint Dempsey Literally Tears Up The Rulebook And Gets Sent Off

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dempsey WEB Clint Dempsey Literally Tears Up The Rulebook And Gets Sent OffGetty/Vine

Footballer Clint Dempsey is already a trendsetter thanks to his side project in rapping and now he’s invented a brand new way to get a red card.

The 32-year-old ripped up a referee’s notebook and was sent off during a U.S Open Cup tie between fierce rivals Seattle Sounders and Portland Timbers.


U.S national team captain Dempsey reacted angrily to a red card for his Seattle team-mate Michael Azira and snatched the official’s notebook and tore it to shreds, which also earned him an early bath.

After the red card Dempsey had to be restrained by his team-mates and sarcastically applauded in the face of a linesman as he made his way off the pitch.


The ill-tempered fixture saw Seattle finish the match with just seven players on the pitch, with Brad Evans also dismissed and Obafemi Martins (remember him?) forced off in extra time due to injury.

The crazy match ended in a 3-1 win to Portland and things were so bad that the referee had to have a police escort as he left the pitch!